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Los Angeles Choreographers, Dance Lessons, Wedding first dances, Bridal parties, Wedding dance choreography.

Your Night Choreo® always offers a free consultation. This gives us a chance to meet in person, phone, or Skype and hear about your wedding, your ideas for the dance, and how we can best bring your vision to life! We want to hear from you!

YNC keeps lessons stress free, and most of all fun! We have non-traditional approach to dance and “practice how you play” philosophy to wedding dance choreography.

3 Things to expect in your dance lessons

  1. Break those shoes in!

You and your partner should wear the same shoes you plan on wearing for your wedding dance choreography event. This helps to not only break in the shoes, but gets you both used to dancing in whatever type of shoes you will wear that day.

  1. Be ready to dance right away!

YNC is always prepared for your lesson. We come ready with moves we feel best fit your song. The first lesson, we start dancing immediately. We like to teach you moves we intend to put into your dance, while keeping in mind what will look best on you and how we can make you shine.

  1. Be ready to work with your partner!

Dancing is a fun way to work with your partner and not only learn a wedding dance, but a new skill for the rest of your lives! You learn to communicate, body language, and who gets to lead!


YNC Choreography & Dance lessons



Your Night Choreo®

Choreography & Dance Lessons.

Wedding Dances, Parent Dances, Event Choreography 


Getting your feet  wet with dance lessons.


What kind of dance are you interested in? Traditional? Romantic? Three different songs? Silly and wild? Maybe you just don’t want to sway side to side for four minutes! No matter what ideas you have, YNC has got you covered. From simple and traditional to hip hop first dances, we make the dance lessons easy, stress free and most of all, FUN!

Your Night Choreo


Lessons include 2 instructors, a private studio and a practice video.

“Spins & Dips”- Easy to learn, impressive to watch dance moves. Read more

“The Roadmap”- A loosely structured “Roadmap” of dance moves. Read more…

Full Choreography- Fully choreographed dances. Read more…




Krista and Kelvin Ramirez met dancing. They believe dance is truly the great unifier. There is nothing like looking into your partner’s eyes and letting everything else fade away as you move together.

Having recently married, Krista and Kelvin understand the stress and pressure that a wedding often brings on. They founded Your Night Choreo to give couples a chance to let go of the wedding tension and be able to dance, laugh, and learn something together.

Both professional dancers, Krista is a trained competitive dancer with background in Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Ballet. She was a pro dancer for the Arena Football League and a background dancer for various recording artists. Kelvin has trained and worked in New York City and Los Angeles under the best instructors and choreographers in the world. He has worked in various TV, Film, and stage performances.

Your Night Choreo gives you a unique experience having male and female dancers who are also married. They work with you to make you feel completely at ease and have gone through and understand the wedding process. Relax, get ready to dance and have an amazing time together!


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