1. I’ve never danced a day in my life! Can we still do a choreographed first dance?


Yes! Your first dance is about the two of you, having fun, and working together. We Choreograph dances that highlight your best dance moves. If something doesn’t work, we change it. No experience necessary.


  1. How long before my wedding should I start lessons?


This is dependent on how in depth you want to get with your lessons and what your timeline is. We have worked with couples starting 6 months before their wedding, and couples starting the week of! In general, a good timeline is to begin lessons 8-12 weeks before the wedding. This gives plenty of time for that busy pre-wedding season, but keeps the moves fresh in your head.


  1. What do my lessons include with YNC?


YNC believes in the greatest bang for your buck! All of our packages include:

~ The use of a gorgeous dance studio for you and your fiancé. No other lessons happen during your time

~ Two instructors for every lesson. Krista and Kelvin are at all lessons together. This offers both a male and female perspective when demonstrating and learning.

~ All choreography is prepared before you walk in the door. Krista and Kelvin work outside of your lesson so you are ready to dance the moment you walk in!

~You will receive a video of what you have learned in each lesson. This is an invaluable tool for practicing on your own and you can see tangible results of your hard work!


  1. My wedding song is five minutes long! Do we have to do the entire song?


Absolutely not! We can work with any length song and even help with cutting the music if you want to shorten your song (or put several together for a mashup). A typical length for your wedding dance is 2 to 3 and a half minutes. Please inquire for music cutting costs.



  1. How much are lessons?


YNC has created several package options that work with all budgets and event needs. Discounts are offered for 3 lesson packages and above. We can also create custom packages for those wanting to incorporate their wedding parties, and/or long distance couples. *see FAQ #6   Please inquire via phone or email for package prices.



  1. I want to work with YNC but I don’t live in the Los Angeles area. Are there options for “virtual lessons?”


Yes! If you would like to learn some simple moves that are impressive to your guests, download the Your Night Choreo app. We have simple choreography on our app that can work with any style song and you can incorporate easily into your dance.

If you would prefer something completely choreographed, YNC can put together a choreographed dance and send it you via videos.   You can learn your dance on your own, and still have the YNC custom experience! Inquire as to video package pricing.



  1. How long is each lesson?


Unless otherwise agreed upon, all lessons are 1 hour from start time. Please be on time to lessons, we want to be sure you have your entire hour to dance!



  1. What should I wear to the lessons?


If possible, wear your actual wedding shoes. This allows you to break the shoes in and get comfortable dancing in “wedding game time conditions.” If your dress is very tight, wear a tight dress or skirt to help understand your range of movement. Other than that, dress comfortable for your lessons! You can look especially hot on the dance floor with our YNC gear! Check out our ETSY store.


  1. Where do we park for lessons?

Swerve Studio is located at 8250 W. 3rd St. Suite 206 Los Angeles, 90048

There is a small parking lot in front of the shopping center. If that is full, there is metered parking along W. 3rd St. There is also 1 hour free parking on the cross street of Sweetzer and 2 hour free parking on Blackburn, the block behind Swerve. Street parking hours are limited so be sure to read street signs!




  1. Is there anywhere to grab a bite to eat nearby?

West 3rd Street has tons of options for either quick bites or a romantic night out. Here are some of our favorites:

Plancha Tacos (Right below Swerve!)

Joans on Third

Simple Things


The Little Door (very romantic)


For a map and full list of the area check out http://west3rdstreet.com