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Services include a one hour dance lesson, private studio and a practice video.

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YNC Dance Packages


“Spins and Dips – (1-4 lessons)”

This is a perfect option if you are short on time or want a dance that is not “overly choreographed.” YNC will teach you easy to learn, but impressive to watch moves that can be incorporated naturally into your song. This allows you to feel comfortable and at ease on the dance floor without a completely choreographed dance.


“ The Roadmap –(5-8 lessons)”

Show off your hard work and fantastic moves with a completely customized first dance. Giving room for learning moves and perfecting them, YNC will bring out the best in you both in a fun, no pressure way that just feels like an awesome double date! Whether you want slow and sentimental or fast and fun, Krista and Kelvin will create a dance and experience that takes all the pressure off you and allows you to shine on the dance floor!


“Full Choreography/Mashup –(10 lessons+ music)”

For the couple that wants to blow the socks off their guests! This package is not only a customized dance, but we can personally create your song cut or mix many songs as well! Want to start traditional and then break into your favorite hip hop song? YNC can not only give you the moves to impress but put together an amazing dance you and your guests will always remember!


“Parent dances and Bat Mitzvah Dance”

Not just for brides and grooms, YNC will choreograph truly special parent dance. We work with Mother, Fathers, Sons and Daughters to include the entire family in wedding dance fun! Not sure what son to use for these dances, we can also offer suggestions for songs that fit your family perfectly!


“Grooms got moves”

Is the groom a little hesitant about dance lessons? If your groom worries about his two left feet, Kelvin can work with him one on one even before starting partner lessons. A judgment free, manly private lesson can allow your man to lead with confidence through your wedding day!


“Bridal Bootcamp”

Feel like your absolute best self on your big day! Certified Personal Trainer Krista can create a workout and nutritional plan that will accentuate your best assets in that fabulous dress. With a blend of cardio, Strength training, Yoga, Dance, and Pilates you will lengthen, lean, and love those wedding pictures!! Packages of 5, 10, 15, and 20 sessions available.

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